Feel free to reach out to your institution's president via the email listed below! For general questions or media inquiries, please contact the Chief of Staff.

Brigham Young University 
President: Paul Victor
Email: byusapresident@byu.edu

Dixie State University 
President: Penny Mills
Email: dsusapresident@dixie.edu

Salt Lake Community College 
President: Lindsay Simons
Email: Isimon10@bruinmail.slcc.edu

Snow College 
President: Brady Curtus
Email: belikecurtis@gmail.com

Southern Utah University
President: Nouman Kante
Email: suusa_president@suu.edu

University of Utah
President: Jess Wojciechowski
Email: jessica.wojciechowski@asuu.utah.edu

Utah State University 
President: Lucas Stevens
Email: president.ususa@usu.edu

Utah State University Eastern
President: Bryson Pugh
Email: brysonpugh33@gmail.com

Utah Valley University 
President: Karen Magana-Aguado
Email:  karen.magana@uvu.edu

Weber State University 
President: Benjamin Don Ferney
Email: benjaminferney@weber.edu

Utah System of Higher Education Student Representative
Tanner Marcum
Email: tanner.marcum@usu.edu

Chief of Staff
Cathryn Fitzpatrick
Email: suusa_slec@suu.edu

USA Advisor
Linda Zimmerman
Email: linda.zimmerman@usu.edu

USA Advisor
Luke Kerouac
Email: lkerouac@dixie.edu

USA Advisor
Michelle Brown
Email: michelle.brown@snow.edu