Our Mission

The mission and purpose of the Utah Student Association (USA) is to:

    • Represent the interests and preserve the rights of the students of higher education in the State of Utah
    • Work with various government entities to initiate positive changes and be a voice for the students
    • Foster the educational goals and promote citizenship and civic responsibility among students
  • Advocate for the students!

The USA aims to promote citizenship and civic responsibility among students statewide and fostering the educational goals of the students of Utah.

Meet the Association

As student body presidents throughout the state of Utah, we believe in the power of student voice and want to make sure your voice is heard!

Taylor Bell-296

Taylor Bell


Utah Valley University

Taylor Bell is serving as Student Body President at Utah Valley University; UVU is the largest university with over 40,000 students. Taylor is pursuing a degree in Political Science and Marketing with an emphasis in Public Law and Political Philosophy. He first became involved with UVU’s Student Association as a member of the Academic Senate and then as the Chief Justice. This past year, Taylor was the Lead Intern for the UVU’s Presidential Internship Program; an internship

that had him working on a variety of high impact projects, including the onboarding of the new university President. Taylor ran under the campaign, “Together is Better” and knows that lasting impact will come from transparent and collaborative efforts with other student organizations and campus entities. he hopes to accomplish similar efforts amongst the Utah Student Association Board in his role as USA President. In recent years, Taylor has been actively involved in humanitarian efforts focusing on women’s health and education in the countries of Nepal, Peru and Belize. Upon graduation from UVU, Taylor hopes to pursue degrees in business administration and design, focusing on sustainability and other social impact initiatives. 

Anna Barnes-214

AnnaMarie Barnes

Legislative Vice President

University of Utah

AnnaMarie Barnes is honored to be serving as the 2019 -2020 President of the Associated Students of the University of Utah, and as the University of Utah’s Student Trustee. She is also proud to serve the Utah Student Association as this years Legislative Vice President. During her administration, AnnaMarie will be completing her fourth and final year at the University of Utah, finishing degrees in political

science and international studies, with a minor. AnnaMarie plans to pursue law school after her graduation from the U, to obtain a JD with a joint degree in public policy. 

AnnaMarie has previously served in the ASUU Student Government as a three-term Assembly Representative, and has held leadership positions in the Legislative Branch such as Assembly Chair. In addition to her student government service, AnnaMarie has been heavily involved on campus as a student leader in the Model EU Club and as the Vice President of the Pre-Law Student Society. AnnaMarie is a civically engaged student, and has completed internships through the Hinckley Institute of Politics with organizations such as UN Women, the Attorney General’s Office, Representative Ben McAdam’s Congressional Campaign, and the Victorian Parliament in Melbourne, Australia. She has been an active volunteer for the Pro Bono Initiative through the S. J. Quinney College of Law, and recently participated in and presented at the 2019 Oxford Consortium for Human Rights.

AnnaMarie hopes to cultivate an attitude of transparency and accountability within her role this year, focusing specifically on campus safety, equity and diversity, and advancing the student voice on campus.

Bret Alexander-292

Bret Alexander

Executive Vice President

 Weber State University

Bret Alexander, 22, is currently serving as the Student Body President for Weber State University (WSU). With this, Bret is the first openly-gay Student Body President for Weber State. He previously served as the Student Body Leadership Vice President for the University’s Student Association. Beyond that, he has had the privilege of serving in Weber State University’s Student Association (WSUSA) for his entire academic career at Weber State. Bret is a first-generation college

student that is representing his entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) entering higher education for the first time. What makes Weber State special to Bret is the fact that he was born and raised in Ogden, Utah, just right down the road. Last spring, Bret graduated with his Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Leadership. This upcoming year, Bret will begin graduate school for the Master of Education with an emphasis in Higher Education Leadership.

Robert Borden-278

Robert Borden

Brigham Young University

Robert Borden is currently serving as the Student Association President at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Robert studies Italian and Global Business as an Honors Student at Brigham Young University. Before his time at BYU Robert spent two years as a full-time service volunteer in Italy. While at BYU, Robert has focused his academic interest on comparative jurisprudence and worked for the Attorney General of the State of Utah, the Interior Ministry of Italy, and a successful U.S. Senatorial campaign. He was elected in March to serve at BYU, the second largest private

university in the United States. At present, Robert is finishing his bachelor’s degree in preparation for graduate studies. Rob is 23 years old and from the United States.

Taylor Godfrey

Dixie State University

Taylor Godfrey is currently serving as the Student Body President in the beautiful Southern Utah at Dixie State University. She is currently finishing her final semester, majoring in Population Health with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration. Throughout her years at Dixie, she was heavily involved with Dixie State Athletics where she played for four years on the university’s softball team. Along with her athletic career, she was President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee where she along with her fellow athletes were able represent student athletes on a university level as well as national level for Division II athletics.

Taylor is also the reigning 2019 D-Queen. This role embodies the true Spirit of Dixie and what it means to be a proud Trailblazer! She is so proud to not only be a student at Dixie State University but to represent all students at DSU. This passion is what continues her drive to create and bring awareness to the opportunities available to students, enhance the overall student experience, increase collaboration throughout campus and student organizations, and overall intensify the Dixie Spirit and what “Active Learning. Active Life” truly mean. 

Mason Bancroft-284

Mason Bancroft

Salt Lake Community College 

Mason Bancroft is currently serving as the Student Association President for Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) in Taylorsville, Utah. Mason originally served as the Student Association Executive Vice President until the resignation of Mary Flanagan, the previous Student Association President. He will now take her place for the 2019-2020 academic school year. With 10 campuses spread throughout the Salt Lake County, Mason has had the opportunity to serve as the South Region Vice President. Primarily focusing over the Jordan, Miller, and Herriman Campuses he brought

inclusive and engaging programs to the students. He now sits on the Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees as a full voting member for SLCC. Throughout his term he will focus on building an inclusive and diverse culture, raising awareness and pushing the school towards sustainable practices, and creating traditions that all Bruins will be proud of. Mason is pursuing a degree in psychology with an emphasis on personality psychology. After this academic school year he will transfer to Utah Valley University (UVU) to continue his education and leadership experience. 

Ben Scheffner-276

Ben Scheffner

Snow College

Ben Scheffner is serving as the Student Body President at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Before his time at Snow College, Ben spent two years as a full-time service volunteer in England. Ben has also been in various leadership positions throughout his schooling experience, service in England, and continues to seek opportunities to make a difference.  Ben plans on attending Utah State University (USU) or The University of Utah in hopes of pursuing Business Management or Hospital Administration. In April 2019, Ben was elected as the Student Body President. Ben’s

goals support mental health awareness, unity, inclusivity, and civic engagement among the student body. Ben serves on the Board of Trustees, acting on behalf of Snow College.  He is also a voting member for the Utah Student Association (USA) board.

Jeff Carr

Southern Utah University

Jeff Carr, from Dallas, Texas, currently serves as Southern Utah University’s Student Body President. He is pursuing a Political Science degree with a minor in Legal Studies. Jeff previously served as Director of the Academic Clubs on campus, as well as worked as a writing tutor. He is passionate about academia and the learning process. Jeff serves on the Board of Trustees and the President’s Cabinet. Some of his initiatives for the year include Streamlining the Student Association, Empowering Student Voice, and Fostering Unity within the school. He loves SUU and celebrates its students’ identity and diversity. 

Bryce Gingery-266

Bryce Gingery

Utah State University Eastern

Bryce Gingery, 20, is currently serving as the Student Body President for Utah State University Eastern (USUE). With this, Bryce is the youngest student body president in the state of Utah. This is the first year of organized leadership for Bryce. Bryce is a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice and will be continuing his academic career pursuing a Criminal Justice B.S degree at Utah Valley University (UVU) come next fall. Bryce was elected to serve the student body of USUE In February of 2019. Bryce’s goals for this academic school year is to focus on the mental and physical

welfare of all students on his campus. Bryce is very honored and feels very privileged to be a part of Eastern Utah Student Association (EUSA). Bryce also serves as a voting member on the Utah Student Association (USA) Board where he and other USA members are focused on civic engagement for students on their specific campuses.

Maggie Regier-246

Maggie Regier

 Westminster College

Maggie Regier is a senior serving as the Student Body President at Westminster College and is pursuing a custom degree in Community Health Leadership. She first became interested in student government after her change in major left her wondering how to get involved, when the Student Body President at the time suggested she run for Vice President. In her years with the Associated Students of Westminster, Regier has worked on sex positvity, gender equity, environmental sustainability, and increasing communication with the student body. In her 2019-2020 term she hopes to

continue to advocate for women and LGBTQIA+ populations. Regier is also a theatremaker and freelance sex educator. You can learn more about her at www.maggieregier.com.

Sheva Mozafari-208

Sheva Mozafari

Student Regent

Sheva Mozafari was appointed to serve as the Student Regent by Governor Herbert in 2019. Sheva is finishing her senior year at the University of Utah where she will receive an honors degree in Integrative Health Science, an interdisciplinary major that she created. Originally from Boise, Idaho, Sheva was easily able to find a home in Salt Lake City. She has had a myriad of involvement on the U campus, all of which have piqued her interest in higher ed and advocating for students. She had the unique opportunity of serving as a Presidential Ambassador under both President

Pershing and President Watkins, serving residential students as an RA for three years, volunteering as a doula and sitting on the Student Health Advisory Committee. Sheva hopes to attend medical school after graduation and eventually enter higher ed administration.

Chief of Staff