USA Initiatives for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

The Presidents of the Utah Student Association are committed to working on meaningful goals and initiatives for Utah students. This year, the Presidents are separated into two subcommittees, working on two different initiatives. If you have questions about the initiatives or its progress, please feel free to contact any member of the subcommittee.
Student Fee and Tuition Report
These Presidents will be compiling a comprehensive report on the fee and tuition approval processes for each institution. This is in an effort to have students be more informed about tuition and fee increases as well as where to go and have their voice heard. This will also help compare and contrast what other institutions are doing to improve the student fee process.
  • President Matthew Griffin, Snow College (Chair)
  • President Sami Ahmed, Utah State University
  • President Nouman Kante, Southern Utah University
  • President Spring Cullen-Buford, Brigham Young University
  • Dexton Lake, Chief of Staff
  • Each Student Body President will research the tuition and fee structure at each school.
  • Each Student Body President will write a report on their school.
  • The USA Presidency will compile the report.
  • The report will be published on each school's website for tuition and fees as well as on the USA website.
Equity in Opportunity & Resources
These Presidents will be working to address racial & ethnic, socioeconomic, and health disparities in Utah higher educational institutions. They will be working with institution presidents and state government to acheive a more inclusive university and college experience for all Utah students. This will help Utah institutions be more inclusive and welcoming for potential students wishing to attend.
  • President Penny Mills, Dixie State University (Chair)
  • President Danielle Corbett, Utah Valley University
  • President Ephraim Kum, University of Utah
  • President Sione Siaki, Utah State University Eastern
  • President Emily Hernandez Alzamora, Salt Lake Community College
  • President Ben Ferney, Weber State University
  • Ensure institutions have a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Action Plan.
  • Expand hate speech policies and institutional tolerances for discriminatory language.
  • Set standards for student food pantries at Utah institutions.
  • Provide updates on CARES Act funding for higher education students.
  • Develop free FAFSA & scholarship application workshops for students unfamiliar with the process.
  • Work to allocate student fee money to health and wellness programs.
  • Work to improve sexual harassment policies.
  • Providing pamphlets and discussions for health resources.