Our Mental Health Action Plan

The student body presidents sent a letter to their university presidents expressing their concern for the mental health of students in Utah which highlighted the following action plan:

  1. Increase access to therapists: It is critical that we increase the number of therapists and resources for students in crisis on each of our campuses. Hiring additional therapists and using crises lines, text-support lines, phone applications like SafeUT, and ensuring that students are trained in Question, Persuade, Refer techniques is crucial in providing direct access to students in crisis (Buchanan, 2012; Gould et al., 2013; Tompkins & Witt, 2009).
  2. Create a support network: Social support helps prevent mental health problems from worsening, and increases students’ academic achievement (Whitlock et al., 2010). Drawing from the examples of other university successes like Michigan State’s Wolverine Support Network and collaborating with community resources like Utah NAMI support groups, we can find ways to provide lasting social support for our students.
  3. Emphasize preventative care: We must continue to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health issues through marketing campaigns. In addition, we need to continue to emphasize preventative care through access to mental health programs on campus.